Acrylics and Inks

Just finished my second Luchador, “Mi Luchador Azul”

Mi Luchador Azul

He is more intense than my red one. I found that my friend Miguel also enjoys the Blue Demon and I am gifting this one to him.

Here is my first one


I also painted with alcohol inks this week. I have always enjoyed the solitude of walking in the rain. Here is my “Red Umbrella”

Red Umbrella

Ventura in August

Here in Ventura the wheather is pretty temperate, mostly in the 70’s. I’ve been doing a lot of alcohol ink in the shop part of the studio. Even though it’s cool, the sun still beats on the roof, so when I’m working upstairs on the easel I put the air on.

Here are a few paintings that I’ve finished lately, all alcohol ink on Nara paper

Green Dragon
Crab on the Rocks
Cacti in Bloom

Thank you for viewing my art. If you have any questions about any of my pieces, contact me at

Summer Work

The Studio has been getting warm so we’re putting the air on. It’s cooler in the loft so I’ve been working upstairs.

I am attempting to paint another Luchador, I have to adjust the skin tone.

On Monday I was inspired to pick up my alcohol inks and paint another jellyfish. So here is a 9×12 red jelly.

red jelly

Almost Middle of July

I took a break from painting because I was working on a film shoot. Here are a few paintings I have done this month, both acrylic and alcohol ink. I am finally out and about again, looking for inspiration.

The Last Poppy
Moonlit LightHouse
Sunburst Veggies

The Veggie one is at home over my microwave

Art at Home