A Busy painting week

Inspiration struck this week. I started with an alcohol ink painting of a Seahorse.

Seahorse, 9×6 alcohol ink

After I painted the Seahorse, I went upstairs and, in my pile of canvases, I found a package of 9 tiny, 4×4 canvases that I had bought right before the pandemic struck. So, with an Ocean theme in mind, I started painting. Here are the first 4 of them that I’ve finished so far. They are also posted on my website if you would like a larger print.


A Whales Tail in the Sun, acrylic on canvas
Starfish in the Surf, acrylic on canvas
Moonlit Dolphin, acrylic on canvas
Walrus on Ice, acrylic on canvas

For information on the originals, contact me at mary.cacciapaglia@gmail.com