So it Begins

As we say at our place: Really!?! I am recovering from the introduction to our new reality. Just joined the ACLU and find Facebook completely unappealing. This blog is where I will say what I really think.

I am my daughter’s bohemian mother, since I met Steve Neill, a Trekkie (who knew?), an artist and more liberal than I thought. ( I thought I was a centrist.) I had mentally retired from thinking about what goes on in the world. I wanted to just do my art, party and relax at this age. Current events have caused me to come back. Out of the comfortable bubble I had made for myself. Shocked that there is so much hate in this country: #makeamericawhiteagain, #blacklivesmatter, and I stopped at that when I looked. I do believe there are good people who are misguided and extremely fearful. We are the human race with many cultures. The cultural conflict in the world and especially the U.S., that is supposed to be a melting pot, is out of control. Diversity is a good thing. It is enriching. White Europeans created “racism” to destroy other cultures. So now they are a minority in the U.S. and other European countries and for some reason I will never understand “scared to death”. I will reiterate: We are the Human race; there is only One race. Globalization is a good thing. To be One People is a good thing. In the end, as I have seen with many lives, especially my late husband’s Tony Cacciapaglia, there is only Love.


3 thoughts on “So it Begins

  1. Mary, I love the blog. Spoke to me in many ways. We, too, just joined the ACLU. We, too, have been reawakened after many years of slumber. Nice that our chance encounter on a lovely cruise has become a deeper kinship – albeit for regrettable reasons.

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