Not the 1930’s

According to the Pew Research Center ( ) Americans are more racially and ethnically diverse than in the past, and the U.S. is projected to be even more diverse in the coming decades.

In the 1930’s, Nazi Germany was predominately white. We do not have the same situation today. Yes, the president–elect is pandering to the Alt-Right but the Alt-Right has been with us for quite some time. This makes him evil, but not necessarily fascist. Narcissist, yes. Fascist, no.

 From what I have seen in reading the news about Trump and his Republican party, there is not too much Trump is actually going to be able to do with his agenda; Congress not even putting some of his “promises” on the agenda to discuss. I mean really, did you expect them to vote on putting themselves out of a job? They have constituents that they have to answer to and those constituents vote. They have cushy jobs that they want to keep. The most they can accomplish is giving democrats their jobs when they are unable to fill all the ridiculous promises.

A little research for you, Look up what Stephen Hawking has said. Pretty unbelievable.

Found this on Facebook. Too funny: (of course it was photoshopped, silly. Still funny)



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