Our First Immigrant First Lady

I went researching to find out more about this woman who is the first immigrant First Lady since Louisa Adams, though Louisa Adams doesn’t really count, as her father was an American, and from a politically connected family that hopped back and forth between England and its newly liberated colonies.

Louisa Adams played the harp, wrote satirical dramas, and raised silkworms. (She also survived fourteen pregnancies, including nine miscarriages and a stillbirth.) Melania Trump’s hobbies, she told People, include Pilates and reading magazines.

I personally don’t mind the nude photo shoots that people have been throwing at the public. I don’t mind that she cheated on her visa under the H-1B program. She is a braggart as her  husband about her wealth and refers to him as a grown child dismissing his comments as “boy talk”. Her family is treated like the hired help to bring up “little Donald”.

What I do object to is that she is so submissive and doesn’t even pretend to be a role model for not only us but our daughters as well. I would not want any grandson of mine aspiring to be the bully her husband is. She doesn’t represent what I would like our children to aspire and absolutely doesn’t represent me.

Commentary is based on information from the following sites:








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