Will They be Used?

I have been reading of Detention Camps built by Halliburton. There are from 600 to 800 scattered around the U.S. and Hawaii that are built for foreign nationals with the understanding that they would be used for them and not the American Public.

It would take an Executive Order and the Declaration of Marshall Law in order to use them. They are empty right now but maintained and ready for a National Emergency under the auspices of FEMA.

HR 465 is the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act and I read conflicting articles on whether or not it passed.

From the resources I read, these camps have been around for about 10 years. The mainstream news does not talk about them for obvious reasons. Below are some links I read. I try to only read the reliable ones. I don’t like conspiracy theories either. This is different. We used them in WWII. The elected administration is talking about rounding up those from the Middle East and Mexico. I just don’t know.japaneseintern

Scary stuff.











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