My Truths

  1. I am not a liberal, conservative or a centrist. I reject being labeled and choose critical thinking. I will not let others think for me. (Definition: I either accept, reject or choose to think more about the subject)
  2. I am not here just to entertain you. I am a thinking artist.
  1. I despise misogyny. If you think of me as “the other” you do not exist to me.
  1. It is important to take care of all the children, our disabled and our elderly.
  1. Both Women and Men have the right to what is done to their body. That includes the right to an abortion and the right to die with dignity.
  1. I believe and know that a person should be able to choose whom they love and/or marry. This is not even debatable to me.
  1. I believe and know that a person should be able to choose what religion or lack of religion they want to follow as long as it does not impede on another person’s right to practice their chosen religion or lack of religion.
  1. Human Beings are the stewards of this planet. We are responsible for it’s health and wellbeing. Destroy it and you destroy us.
  1. I honor The Constitution of the United States, its Amendments and its judicial interpretations.
  1. I think that all public restrooms should give privacy and we should do away with public urinals.
  1. A living wage is a Human Right.
  1. Healthcare is a Human Right.
  1. Parental/Family leave is a Human Right.
  1. War makes the rich richer.
  1. Diplomacy is important. We are all connected as a species. Many tribes but one people.
  1. Artist should be honored while they are alive and the best considered “National Treasures”
  1. Through the exploration and colonization of Space we ensure the survival of our species. Science Fiction is a foundation of Science Fact.
  1. Faith and Science are not exclusive of the other.
  1. Opinions not based on facts are opinions not facts.
  1. The Best and the Brightest do not run for political office. They serve in boardrooms. They build electric cars. They build spaceships.  They run planetariums. They teach. They adjudicate. They build desalinization plants. They don’t spend their time mediating BS.




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