Just an Update on January 19th

It’s probably not surprising to anyone that I will not be watching any of the events in DC this weekend. Not the good, not the bad, not even the ugly.

From the entertainment line-up, I cannot imagine a more boring waste of time.
Just stayoungpoperted watching The Young Pope on HBO this week; what a timely show. The main character (the pope) reminds me of our incoming president in many ways except in intelligence. The young pope would win in that arena.


I will continue to monitor the news during the week. I must remember the saying, “think globally and act locally”.

Our pilot at the Studio is coming along very nicely. We are having our last big shoot on Saturday, the “Support Group” scene. It will be very interesting — A great group of talent.

I am renewing my interest in wellness and joined Doterra as a wellness advocate. It’s going to be smelling very good around both the condo and the Studio. As President Obama said, “we’re going to be okay.”




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