On a more personal level

My week in review this time is on a more personal level. Tuesday, two young fans of Steve came to visit from Germany. They were very polite, excited to meet Steve, in awe of all the movie and model stuff and very chatty. Tobias and Pascal shared with me how the German government was set up, that the German people were still extremely grateful to the people of the United States for liberating them from fascism during WWII and helping with the fall of the Berlin Wall. They also shared how embarrassed they were for the state of our political affairs. I have to say it really brought the reality to my heart. This was not reading the news nor watching a tweet but live – in front of me. I felt embarrassed, not just for me, but for my entire country as well. This is truly how the rest of the world sees us. We are no longer heroes or allies. We are pitied.

Thursday, we had our first essential oils class at the Studio where, in addition to talking about  the health and wellness benefits of the oils, our civil discord came up. Keya shared with me how she was treated rudely by a while customer in Trader Joe’s this week, yes, by some white dude.Gisell spoke of how rude people are driving in the parking lot at the shopping center; (we’ve noticed this aggressiveness too). Deborah spoke of how, on this end of the age spectrum, we thought we were done with activism but alas here we are set back a couple centuries. We needed to smell some lavender after all that.

Steve and I feel compelled to do something positive; however small, but to do something. We are going to join a Huddle to counter the other side’s being as organized as they are. Yesterday, at the Ventura Pier, we dug our heels in the sand. We met some very nice people. It was the first protest I had actually attended since I was 15. I did it. Not really my thing and I am going to stick to the Huddle and send out postcards.

Chatting with people on the other side of the political divide this week, I realize that I will never understand their thought process – if, indeed, I can call it that. Hate it as I do, I admit that we are civilly divided. It is not going to be comfortable for a very long time. Russia has done its nasty job of helping to divide the people of the United States and installing both a Leninist and a puppet-baby-like dictator for him to control (when he’s not having one of his stubborn tantrums).

I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, “Never, never, never give up”.

I love our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights and I will fight for them.

Love trumps hate. We will prevail. Here’s some stories I found this week.

Easy reading – The Declaration of Independence

Some stupidity-Bannon Attacks the Pope

Scariness – The Lynch Mob Came for Me



One thought on “On a more personal level

  1. What you said about civil discord…I’ve been noticing it here too, since last year. I’m in the UK so our presence within the EU, or not as it turned out, was fought on racism, xenophobia, ableism. It’s horrible and pervasive. It makes me sad to know that it’s happening in other places. The world should know better by now.

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