A Mix of two Medias this week

I finished my Lighthouse this week. Since it was layered acrylics and gel medium, it took me a bit longer to paint. It is 20×16 on canvas.

20×16 acrylic on canvas, “Lighthouse” 2020I

In between waiting for paint to dry I continued with my alcohol ink paintings. Love this medium. It allows for both representational art or abstract. I have noticed that the Ranger inks have more alcohol than the Piñata inks.

6×9 alcohol ink on yupo paper, “Palm” 2020
12×9 alcohol ink on foam board, “Sunset” 2020
8 inch round alcohol ink on foam board, “Stellar” 2020

Navigating my way with alcohol inks

So this week I collected everything I needed to start my new adventure with alcohol inks – yupo paper, 99% alcohol, blending solution, brushes, etc. and started experimenting. I watched lots of videos wherein one lady suggested using the shiny side of freezer paper to practice. I will continue to try new techniques. Here are my first decent tries. (A couple of them ended up in the trash).


2020 Paintings at SNG Studio’s Gallery ∞

Gallery ∞, SNG Studio

For the past 6 months, during these isolating time I have been painting up a storm. I noticed that I also picked my subjects by themes. I paint commissions or gifts, but most of the time, it’s whatever catches my fancy and, (my being a Burner and all), self-expression.

First I did a series of 9×12 canvas boards (which I painted about 2 a week) and when I ran out of the 9x12s, I started painting 16×20 canvases. Since these are bigger, I have been painting 1 a week. Well, that has been a lot of paintings. So I decided to hang some of them in our Gallery ∞ here at SNG Studio. I can’t do a show in person right now but I will be making a video next week. I hung and am displaying 15 of over 60 that I have completed in the past 6 months. My art is my refuge and escape from the craziness that is going on in the world.