About Mary Cacciapaglia

Mary Cacciapaglia is an artist, painter, photographer, sculptor and videographer who strives to find and see what many may miss in everyday life and expressed what she finds in her art. Oh, and did I mention Haiku poetry? Please come and see the Gallery when you visit Ventura, California. Gallery ∞ shows art of Mary Cacciapaglia, Steve Neill other local artists. Contact the Studio at (805) 982-0481

Emotional Art – More Acrylic and Ink Paintings

I finished the Kabuki White Lion, 16×20 acrylic on canvas this week. It is the companion piece to the Kabuki Red Lion, 20×16 acrylic on canvas. Japanese Kabuki theatre is very colorful. The Kabuki characters of the play, Renjishi, is a parable about a lion who throws his cub off a cliff and will rear him only if he strong enough to climb back up.

Kabuki White Lion

And here is the Kabuki Red Lion that I painted earlier this year.

Kabuki Red Lion

I also painted a few alcohol ink paintings, here are ones from the past couple of weeks:

A Mix of two Medias this week

I finished my Lighthouse this week. Since it was layered acrylics and gel medium, it took me a bit longer to paint. It is 20×16 on canvas.

20×16 acrylic on canvas, “Lighthouse” 2020I

In between waiting for paint to dry I continued with my alcohol ink paintings. Love this medium. It allows for both representational art or abstract. I have noticed that the Ranger inks have more alcohol than the Piñata inks.

6×9 alcohol ink on yupo paper, “Palm” 2020
12×9 alcohol ink on foam board, “Sunset” 2020
8 inch round alcohol ink on foam board, “Stellar” 2020

Navigating my way with alcohol inks

So this week I collected everything I needed to start my new adventure with alcohol inks – yupo paper, 99% alcohol, blending solution, brushes, etc. and started experimenting. I watched lots of videos wherein one lady suggested using the shiny side of freezer paper to practice. I will continue to try new techniques. Here are my first decent tries. (A couple of them ended up in the trash).