A Citizen’s Viewpoint on Current Issues

These are my views on a few current issues:

  • Single Payer Healthcare – Medicare for all
  • point system- merit based immigration for both agricultural and high tech jobs
  • Flat personal tax across the board with no loopholes.
  • No Inheritance tax.
  • Sliding scale tax for business and corporations
  • Taxation on all organizations that collect “donations” with deductions for actual public service work
  • Free college and technical schools based on aptitude
  • Protection of Science, the Arts American History and Culture
  • Reassessment of agricultural and farm subsidies
  • Psychological assessments for those who go into public service. i.e. law enforcement and teaching
  • Better supervision of retirement home conditions

I have opinions on many other issues. These issues are foremost on my mind.


What I Resist

Took one of those online psyche test the other day that said I was 51% Republican and 49% Democrat. Seems about right. I have always seen myself as a centrist.

I still believe in common sense. I tend to see both sides of an issue. There are certain things that I will always resist.

I will Resist the following:

Lies (aka alt-facts)

Misogyny (hatred and mistreatment of women)

Homophobia (fear and hatred of someone who is not heterosexual)

Xenophobia (intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries)

Racism (fear or irrational dislike of those from another culture. There is only one race, The Human Race)

Mistreatment of the sick, handicapped, children and aged

The use of torture

Incitement of violence whether it be from the left or the right

Misuse of natural resources by individuals, business or governments

Nepotism in government

Actions that go against the Constitution of the United States

Unethical Behavior by acquaintances and those who govern

Robbing from the rich to give to the poor

The mistreatment of the poor and/or ignorant

This post is negative, but look, I know we are all getting tired of the division and polarization that has been going on in the World. I say the world because it’s not just happening in the United States. I just happen to live here.
Extremism of any kind never solves anything. Unless we ALL reach across the aisle and grab each others’ hands, we’re all going to go down; and go down hard.


On a more personal level

My week in review this time is on a more personal level. Tuesday, two young fans of Steve came to visit from Germany. They were very polite, excited to meet Steve, in awe of all the movie and model stuff and very chatty. Tobias and Pascal shared with me how the German government was set up, that the German people were still extremely grateful to the people of the United States for liberating them from fascism during WWII and helping with the fall of the Berlin Wall. They also shared how embarrassed they were for the state of our political affairs. I have to say it really brought the reality to my heart. This was not reading the news nor watching a tweet but live – in front of me. I felt embarrassed, not just for me, but for my entire country as well. This is truly how the rest of the world sees us. We are no longer heroes or allies. We are pitied.

Thursday, we had our first essential oils class at the Studio where, in addition to talking about  the health and wellness benefits of the oils, our civil discord came up. Keya shared with me how she was treated rudely by a while customer in Trader Joe’s this week, yes, by some white dude.Gisell spoke of how rude people are driving in the parking lot at the shopping center; (we’ve noticed this aggressiveness too). Deborah spoke of how, on this end of the age spectrum, we thought we were done with activism but alas here we are set back a couple centuries. We needed to smell some lavender after all that.

Steve and I feel compelled to do something positive; however small, but to do something. We are going to join a Huddle to counter the other side’s being as organized as they are. Yesterday, at the Ventura Pier, we dug our heels in the sand. We met some very nice people. It was the first protest I had actually attended since I was 15. I did it. Not really my thing and I am going to stick to the Huddle and send out postcards.

Chatting with people on the other side of the political divide this week, I realize that I will never understand their thought process – if, indeed, I can call it that. Hate it as I do, I admit that we are civilly divided. It is not going to be comfortable for a very long time. Russia has done its nasty job of helping to divide the people of the United States and installing both a Leninist and a puppet-baby-like dictator for him to control (when he’s not having one of his stubborn tantrums).

I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, “Never, never, never give up”.

I love our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights and I will fight for them.

Love trumps hate. We will prevail. Here’s some stories I found this week.

Easy reading – The Declaration of Independence

Some stupidity-Bannon Attacks the Pope

Scariness – The Lynch Mob Came for Me


A Stellar Week for the U.S. Government

This past stellar week for the U.S. Government (January30-Febuary3):

  • Trump conveniently failed to mention his escalating war of words with and threat to send troops to Mexico.

  • A disastrous phone call with the Australian prime minister.

  • Embarrassing behavior at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which he asked attending clergy to pray for improved Celebrity Apprentice ratings

  • Congressional investigations are brewing regarding Russian interference in American elections., which Trump has dismissed, in favor of pursuing a cozier relationship with Vladimir Putin.

  • Federal Judge Stays Trump Travel Order, But Many Visas Already Revoked

I’m sure that I have missed quite a few things….


Comments encouraged.

A Twitter Encounter

I engaged with a young woman on Twitter today who was very fearful.  She believed that there is a “White Race”. From a scientific viewpoint, this is not true nor is it factual. The “Alt Right” is perpetrating this falsehood scaring people that there is some sort of “genocide” of the “white race” going on. We are all on this planet together no matter what our culture, religion or skin color. If we continue to kill ourselves over this lie, there will be no one left to go to Space.

I don’t want to go back to the 12th Century or to the 19th Century.

The Future is the only direction.

“Race is a social concept, not a scientific one. There are no bright lines (that would stand out). If we could compare all the sequenced genomes of everyone on the planet, when we try to apply science o try to sort out these social differences, it all falls Apart.”   ~ Craig Ventor – one of the first to sequence the human genome

There is Only One Race

The Human Race

For More on this subject:

Einstein on Racism

Good Article on how to Stop being Biased

Will the Alt-Right Promote a New Kind of Racist Genetics?

In the Circus Bleachers

For 6 months now I wake up daily to a new circus act. Yesterday I read how they want to get rid of ethical oversight in Congress and even our 4th grade-literate president-elect thought it was a bad idea. Then they had asked Rebecca Ferguson to sing at the inauguration and her condition was to be able to sing “Strange Fruit”. Wow. I haven’t looked at the news for today. I can only hope that they don’t try to top yesterday.

It is going to rain here in Ventura California and I’m sitting here in my cozy little condo. My 12-inch Dobsonian telescope is being delivered today. Don’t you just love it. Who knew ordering a telescope could help with the drought. Seriously, I’m very excited and looking forward to many star parties this year.