….4 Months later

Here we are 4 months since my last post. And here are some bullet points on the current state-of-affairs:

  • We are still being besieged by the 45th.
  • Our Justice department is thwarting many of his un-democratic efforts in being a dictator.
  • He has succeeded in totally embarrassing us in his overseas trip.
  • Theresa May is not doing so well with her “Brexit”.
  • Putin failed in his efforts to put Le Pen in office and we have the very wonderful Macron.
  • Germany can no longer rely on us.
  • The WH is mulling over leaving the Climate Accord.
  • North Korea wants to hit us with a missile
  • The GOP is sticking it to everyone that isn’t a billionaire and even some billionaires have the good sense to be embarrassed.
  • Democrats and Republicans continue to be more and more polarized.
  • Robert Bigelow did an interview with 60 Minutes, in which he touted the strengths of the commercial space industry and how private companies would pave the way for people to live in space. He also said aliens have definitely visited Earth. ( I hope they are still here and can help)
  • On the other hand, the current political environment has caused more people to actually *get involved in politics, *speak up, *march, *confront their so-called leaders and, as Rhett Butler put it, “give a damn”.

My life?

  • I’m writing my congress people;
  • I’m visiting my kids from time to time;
  • selling and advocating essential oils,;
  • practicing Reiki healing
  • practicing Meditation and morning yoga
  • helping people with their dogs;
  • painting my safari;
  • and limiting my time watching the ever-present bad news online and on the networks.

We will survive this imbalance.

~ Mary Cacciapaglia


On a more personal level

My week in review this time is on a more personal level. Tuesday, two young fans of Steve came to visit from Germany. They were very polite, excited to meet Steve, in awe of all the movie and model stuff and very chatty. Tobias and Pascal shared with me how the German government was set up, that the German people were still extremely grateful to the people of the United States for liberating them from fascism during WWII and helping with the fall of the Berlin Wall. They also shared how embarrassed they were for the state of our political affairs. I have to say it really brought the reality to my heart. This was not reading the news nor watching a tweet but live – in front of me. I felt embarrassed, not just for me, but for my entire country as well. This is truly how the rest of the world sees us. We are no longer heroes or allies. We are pitied.

Thursday, we had our first essential oils class at the Studio where, in addition to talking about  the health and wellness benefits of the oils, our civil discord came up. Keya shared with me how she was treated rudely by a while customer in Trader Joe’s this week, yes, by some white dude.Gisell spoke of how rude people are driving in the parking lot at the shopping center; (we’ve noticed this aggressiveness too). Deborah spoke of how, on this end of the age spectrum, we thought we were done with activism but alas here we are set back a couple centuries. We needed to smell some lavender after all that.

Steve and I feel compelled to do something positive; however small, but to do something. We are going to join a Huddle to counter the other side’s being as organized as they are. Yesterday, at the Ventura Pier, we dug our heels in the sand. We met some very nice people. It was the first protest I had actually attended since I was 15. I did it. Not really my thing and I am going to stick to the Huddle and send out postcards.

Chatting with people on the other side of the political divide this week, I realize that I will never understand their thought process – if, indeed, I can call it that. Hate it as I do, I admit that we are civilly divided. It is not going to be comfortable for a very long time. Russia has done its nasty job of helping to divide the people of the United States and installing both a Leninist and a puppet-baby-like dictator for him to control (when he’s not having one of his stubborn tantrums).

I believe it was Winston Churchill who said, “Never, never, never give up”.

I love our Declaration, Constitution and Bill of Rights and I will fight for them.

Love trumps hate. We will prevail. Here’s some stories I found this week.

Easy reading – The Declaration of Independence

Some stupidity-Bannon Attacks the Pope

Scariness – The Lynch Mob Came for Me


In the Circus Bleachers

For 6 months now I wake up daily to a new circus act. Yesterday I read how they want to get rid of ethical oversight in Congress and even our 4th grade-literate president-elect thought it was a bad idea. Then they had asked Rebecca Ferguson to sing at the inauguration and her condition was to be able to sing “Strange Fruit”. Wow. I haven’t looked at the news for today. I can only hope that they don’t try to top yesterday.

It is going to rain here in Ventura California and I’m sitting here in my cozy little condo. My 12-inch Dobsonian telescope is being delivered today. Don’t you just love it. Who knew ordering a telescope could help with the drought. Seriously, I’m very excited and looking forward to many star parties this year.

Electors – December 19, 2016

Can the Electors really protect the United States?

If only 37 Electors change their vote, Donald Trump WILL NOT be President of the United States.

At this point I really don’t care which qualified statesman takes the office as long as s/he is a qualified statesman.

“The office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications” — Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers : No. 68

Opinion Time: If they do not save us, we are doomed to 4 years of greed, hate and possibly WWIII.

Will They be Used?

I have been reading of Detention Camps built by Halliburton. There are from 600 to 800 scattered around the U.S. and Hawaii that are built for foreign nationals with the understanding that they would be used for them and not the American Public.

It would take an Executive Order and the Declaration of Marshall Law in order to use them. They are empty right now but maintained and ready for a National Emergency under the auspices of FEMA.

HR 465 is the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act and I read conflicting articles on whether or not it passed.

From the resources I read, these camps have been around for about 10 years. The mainstream news does not talk about them for obvious reasons. Below are some links I read. I try to only read the reliable ones. I don’t like conspiracy theories either. This is different. We used them in WWII. The elected administration is talking about rounding up those from the Middle East and Mexico. I just don’t know.japaneseintern

Scary stuff.










Not the 1930’s

According to the Pew Research Center (http://www.pewresearch.org ) Americans are more racially and ethnically diverse than in the past, and the U.S. is projected to be even more diverse in the coming decades.

In the 1930’s, Nazi Germany was predominately white. We do not have the same situation today. Yes, the president–elect is pandering to the Alt-Right but the Alt-Right has been with us for quite some time. This makes him evil, but not necessarily fascist. Narcissist, yes. Fascist, no.

 From what I have seen in reading the news about Trump and his Republican party, there is not too much Trump is actually going to be able to do with his agenda; Congress not even putting some of his “promises” on the agenda to discuss. I mean really, did you expect them to vote on putting themselves out of a job? They have constituents that they have to answer to and those constituents vote. They have cushy jobs that they want to keep. The most they can accomplish is giving democrats their jobs when they are unable to fill all the ridiculous promises.

A little research for you, Look up what Stephen Hawking has said. Pretty unbelievable.

Found this on Facebook. Too funny: (of course it was photoshopped, silly. Still funny)


So it Begins

As we say at our place: Really!?! I am recovering from the introduction to our new reality. Just joined the ACLU and find Facebook completely unappealing. This blog is where I will say what I really think.

I am my daughter’s bohemian mother, since I met Steve Neill, a Trekkie (who knew?), an artist and more liberal than I thought. ( I thought I was a centrist.) I had mentally retired from thinking about what goes on in the world. I wanted to just do my art, party and relax at this age. Current events have caused me to come back. Out of the comfortable bubble I had made for myself. Shocked that there is so much hate in this country: #makeamericawhiteagain, #blacklivesmatter, and I stopped at that when I looked. I do believe there are good people who are misguided and extremely fearful. We are the human race with many cultures. The cultural conflict in the world and especially the U.S., that is supposed to be a melting pot, is out of control. Diversity is a good thing. It is enriching. White Europeans created “racism” to destroy other cultures. So now they are a minority in the U.S. and other European countries and for some reason I will never understand “scared to death”. I will reiterate: We are the Human race; there is only One race. Globalization is a good thing. To be One People is a good thing. In the end, as I have seen with many lives, especially my late husband’s Tony Cacciapaglia, there is only Love.