My late husband, Tony Cacciapaglia and I were married for 12 wonderful years and we wanted to spend what we had hoped to be our senior years together. Five years ago he died from pancreatic cancer. I was devastated.

How does one change direction so suddenly? My whole world went into a nosedive. I had no plans for a life without Tony. I felt abandoned and lost. My adult children lived in Orange County and my brothers lived in Arizona and Texas. Tony was my life.

I traveled a little. I hung out with friends. Pursued my photography and dog training. My biggest mistake was dating. You think dating is awful at 30, try it at 59. I met a series of, to say it directly, losers. My close friends put me on a dating moratorium because it got so bad and then I quit dating altogether.

During the time that I had quit dating, I met Keya Murthy. I had decided to study Reiki because I felt I needed healing and wanted to help others. Keya is a healer and a Reiki Master. What I didn’t know was that she also did Huna healing. Keya helped me first with a Huna healing session that connected me with my tribe and ancestors and lifted my feelings of abandonment. Thereafter, she helped me attain Reiki I and Reiki II. I have practiced Reiki now for 4 years along with my meditation and yoga. Keya’s compassion and soft demeanor sets one at ease from the start. Keya has since become a wonderful friend.

A year and a month after Tony’s passing I met Steve Neill, whom had recently lost his wife of 33 years. Our companionship and love have helped both of us move forward. Life, Love, Family and Friendship is what it is all about.