What I Resist

Took one of those online psyche test the other day that said I was 51% Republican and 49% Democrat. Seems about right. I have always seen myself as a centrist.

I still believe in common sense. I tend to see both sides of an issue. There are certain things that I will always resist.

I will Resist the following:

Lies (aka alt-facts)

Misogyny (hatred and mistreatment of women)

Homophobia (fear and hatred of someone who is not heterosexual)

Xenophobia (intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries)

Racism (fear or irrational dislike of those from another culture. There is only one race, The Human Race)

Mistreatment of the sick, handicapped, children and aged

The use of torture

Incitement of violence whether it be from the left or the right

Misuse of natural resources by individuals, business or governments

Nepotism in government

Actions that go against the Constitution of the United States

Unethical Behavior by acquaintances and those who govern

Robbing from the rich to give to the poor

The mistreatment of the poor and/or ignorant

This post is negative, but look, I know we are all getting tired of the division and polarization that has been going on in the World. I say the world because it’s not just happening in the United States. I just happen to live here.
Extremism of any kind never solves anything. Unless we ALL reach across the aisle and grab each others’ hands, we’re all going to go down; and go down hard.



A Stellar Week for the U.S. Government

This past stellar week for the U.S. Government (January30-Febuary3):

  • Trump conveniently failed to mention his escalating war of words with and threat to send troops to Mexico.

  • A disastrous phone call with the Australian prime minister.

  • Embarrassing behavior at the National Prayer Breakfast, in which he asked attending clergy to pray for improved Celebrity Apprentice ratings

  • Congressional investigations are brewing regarding Russian interference in American elections., which Trump has dismissed, in favor of pursuing a cozier relationship with Vladimir Putin.

  • Federal Judge Stays Trump Travel Order, But Many Visas Already Revoked

I’m sure that I have missed quite a few things….


Comments encouraged.

Just an Update on January 19th

It’s probably not surprising to anyone that I will not be watching any of the events in DC this weekend. Not the good, not the bad, not even the ugly.

From the entertainment line-up, I cannot imagine a more boring waste of time.
Just stayoungpoperted watching The Young Pope on HBO this week; what a timely show. The main character (the pope) reminds me of our incoming president in many ways except in intelligence. The young pope would win in that arena.


I will continue to monitor the news during the week. I must remember the saying, “think globally and act locally”.

Our pilot at the Studio is coming along very nicely. We are having our last big shoot on Saturday, the “Support Group” scene. It will be very interesting — A great group of talent.

I am renewing my interest in wellness and joined Doterra as a wellness advocate. It’s going to be smelling very good around both the condo and the Studio. As President Obama said, “we’re going to be okay.”



Merry Christmas

A lot of water has gone under the bridge since my last post. We have a whole new reality. Watching a video from John Lennon helped me remember that things don’t change much. Hard to believ that we are all the same species at times however, we do need to have compassion for those whose chose not to touch the Monolith. Love and Peace are the most important things in the Universe.  Christ and many other prophets have stated this. How often we forget.

I wish you love and peace throughout this Season and 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanakkah.

My Truths

  1. I am not a liberal, conservative or a centrist. I reject being labeled and choose critical thinking. I will not let others think for me. (Definition: I either accept, reject or choose to think more about the subject)
  2. I am not here just to entertain you. I am a thinking artist.
  1. I despise misogyny. If you think of me as “the other” you do not exist to me.
  1. It is important to take care of all the children, our disabled and our elderly.
  1. Both Women and Men have the right to what is done to their body. That includes the right to an abortion and the right to die with dignity.
  1. I believe and know that a person should be able to choose whom they love and/or marry. This is not even debatable to me.
  1. I believe and know that a person should be able to choose what religion or lack of religion they want to follow as long as it does not impede on another person’s right to practice their chosen religion or lack of religion.
  1. Human Beings are the stewards of this planet. We are responsible for it’s health and wellbeing. Destroy it and you destroy us.
  1. I honor The Constitution of the United States, its Amendments and its judicial interpretations.
  1. I think that all public restrooms should give privacy and we should do away with public urinals.
  1. A living wage is a Human Right.
  1. Healthcare is a Human Right.
  1. Parental/Family leave is a Human Right.
  1. War makes the rich richer.
  1. Diplomacy is important. We are all connected as a species. Many tribes but one people.
  1. Artist should be honored while they are alive and the best considered “National Treasures”
  1. Through the exploration and colonization of Space we ensure the survival of our species. Science Fiction is a foundation of Science Fact.
  1. Faith and Science are not exclusive of the other.
  1. Opinions not based on facts are opinions not facts.
  1. The Best and the Brightest do not run for political office. They serve in boardrooms. They build electric cars. They build spaceships.  They run planetariums. They teach. They adjudicate. They build desalinization plants. They don’t spend their time mediating BS.



Will They be Used?

I have been reading of Detention Camps built by Halliburton. There are from 600 to 800 scattered around the U.S. and Hawaii that are built for foreign nationals with the understanding that they would be used for them and not the American Public.

It would take an Executive Order and the Declaration of Marshall Law in order to use them. They are empty right now but maintained and ready for a National Emergency under the auspices of FEMA.

HR 465 is the National Emergency Centers Establishment Act and I read conflicting articles on whether or not it passed.

From the resources I read, these camps have been around for about 10 years. The mainstream news does not talk about them for obvious reasons. Below are some links I read. I try to only read the reliable ones. I don’t like conspiracy theories either. This is different. We used them in WWII. The elected administration is talking about rounding up those from the Middle East and Mexico. I just don’t know.japaneseintern

Scary stuff.