About Mary Cacciapaglia

Welcome to my Art! I am a painter, sculptor, photographer, videographer and poet. 
“Creativity and Imagination” is my mantra. As many artist do, I have many interests and they are expressed through my creativity.  I have been an artist all my life. My mother’s side of the family is filled with creatives:  visual artists, jewelers, culinary and performing artists. We were taught to “see” at a very early age.  The earliest creative experiences I had were in the kitchen and fiber arts. After raising children, (which is an artform in itself) my mother, Theresa Haight, taught me water colors. Since that time I have taken many classes by other artists and am a member of the Buenaventura Art Association. During my water color period, I picked up the camera to learn to see more. Lately, I have been using acrylics, pastels and mixed media. 
In 2013, I partnered with Steve Neill and we opened our Studio, SNG Studio where we have produced videos, podcasts and more. Steve Neill has been in art as a special effects artist, sculptor, painter and maker. 
Currently SNG Studio has been making props, famous monster masks and commissioned paintings.
This website has the work of Mary Cacciapaglia. You can find the art of Steve Neill at The Art of Steve Neill.
SNG Studio

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